Why you should change to a Tesla style Android Multimedia system in your car

The new advancements in modern technology are very many these days and now they include the multimedia system in your car. As you upgrade your phone and other tech products you use, you would also need to replace the multimedia system in your car.

When it comes to upgrading from the original multimedia system, you should consider the Tesla android multimedia system. Though most manufactures include the basic features that you use, the Tesla style radio is better. It is more like a tablet with more functionality and options with a large screen bringing a more fanciful view to the interior of your car.

tesla style radio
Tesla Style Radio

The tesla style radio comes in different models that are compatible with different car makes. They include Sintegrate, Flyunice, Topdisplay, Chepinyi. And comes in different Android versions.

More features

It also come in different resolutions with RAM (2GB to 4), 32 to 64GB ROM, Quad-core or Hexa-core chips, FM transmitter, Speaker, GPS navigation, Wi-Fi connectivity, Micro SD slot, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, car management (audio, air conditioning, steering, air conditioning and so on). You can also download and install your favorite apps from Google Play Store.

It comes with a lot more high-tech features that you may need to try with your car when you put additional hardware to experience them. For example you can watch live TV with the Tesla android multimedia system when connected with a DVB-T2 box and connector. You can also use the Digital Video Recording feature (DVR) to record yourself or something else. The rear-view camera can also be configured with the Tesla style radio to help you in your driving or parking. You can as well get an Onboard Diagnosis Device (OBD) to help you check your car for any possible faults. Or a TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) engineered on your tires to ever know their status.

With the large screen and a user interface that is friendly. You can stream videos and music on your favorite sites, watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

You should also install a Tesla android multimedia system in your car to take it to another. But make sure the Tesla unit you install is compatible with your car. If this isn’t so some features will be unsupported with your car.

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