How to take a screenshot with your android phone

Convert any display on your phone’s screen into an image that is saved directly in your gallery by taking a screenshot with your android phone.

take a screenshot on your android phone
Take that screenshot

You can take a advantage of the different methods to take a screenshot on your Android phone. These methods include the standard Android approach, those which are manufacturer specific and third party apps.

You may not be aware yet of which method to use for your device, so let’s take a dive into them.

Using the Android standard way.

You can do this in a breeze just by pressing and holding the Power + Volume Down buttons all at once. Thereafter your screen will show a pop up depending on your device and a notification for the screenshot taken. This is the standard way for taking a screenshot with your android phone.

But you should care to maintain the combo right (Power + Volume Down). Pressing one without the other will either lock the screen or lower the volume.

Using Google assistant for a screenshot on your Android phone

For any Android device with Google Assistant, it will let you take screenshots with voice commands alone. You just say, “Now Google, take a screenshot.” And it will obey.

Manufacturer specific shortcuts.

You will find that some phones don’t use the standard method or go beyond it. For example, there are phones that use Power + Home buttons for the screenshot.

Again Samsung has smart capture and smart select options. Other devices like Xiaomi, Huawei, Motorola, Sony, HTC, LG and OnePlus also have manufacturer specific approaches to taking screenshots. The focus of this post does not go beyond covering the manufacturer specific methods and so you can visit their respective sites for more.

Third party apps

If one doesn’t have a clue yet regarding taking screenshots with the standard way, he or she can take advantage of apps. These apps have added options and functions for the screenshots. ScreenShot Easy and Super Screenshot are some of those apps.


If your device’s operating system is Android 4.0 and above, it can take screenshots by itself, natively.

And using what the manufacturer specified is more quick and efficient.

But if you want additional functionalities, you can as well go for the third party apps.

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