Steps to get a refund from Google Play Store

Guide for getting a refund from Google Play Store

Google Play store refund
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Google Play store has lots of apps and games which are free. But there are also those with additional features which will require you to first buy them or some purchases along as you are using them.

But what if you have mistakenly bought something and you want a refund. Maybe you also didn’t like the service

Google Play provides a way for this. You can find the details of the Google refund policy on Google Play refund policy page. Here, I will show you all the possible methods you can get a refund from Google Play store.

1. During the two hours right after your purchase

This is the more direct way to get a refund from Google play. During the those first two hours, you can automatically cancel your purchase or get a refund. You do this by going into your Play Store then Account then Order history. Then click on Get refund. You can also see this option on the tab of the game or app you purchased. But make sure it is the first time buying this app because you can’t get a refund if you have bought it again after returning. In other wards, you can’t get a second refund. To get a refund for an in-app purchase, go to order history where you see all the purchases you have made from Google Play store. And when you find the purchase you want a refund for, click on the three dots in the right side and select Report problem. Then you will see a pop up having reasons for the return. After then you will explain yourself in a few words and then submit .You can also do to this by going to the web version of Google Play Store and click on the purchase menu. Then go to Report a problem and ask for Google Play store for a refund.

2. During the next 48 hours after the purchase

In case you didn’t request for a refund in the first 2 hours after the purchase, you still have other options but outside Google Play store app. You do this by using the web version of Google Play. From here you got to order history and request your refund and then you will be notified in 15 minutes whether you will get your refund.

3. More than 48 hours after the purchase

It can happen somehow that you don’t raise your petition for a refund within two hours or 48 hours. Maybe because you forgot or didn’t know that you can get a refund. You can try the above processes but it is more likely that Google won’t help much. Here, the only option left is to contact the developer of the app you want a refund for. He/she will decide if you get your refund.

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