Accept calls from contacts only: Block unknown calls

Phone calls are important and good for communication but most times they are not for urgent matters that you should attend to right away. Worse more are those phone calls from people not in your contact list (people you don’t know) and you want to block them from calling you.

accept only calls from contacts
Block unknown contacts

The following methods can help you filter your incoming calls. This Setting can be different from different phone makers so let us look at some of them

On Meizu

  • Open the Phone App (the one you use to dial and call) and toggle the Menu
  • Enable Call block list
  • And also enable Block calls from strangers

On Huawei

  • Open the Phone App
  • Tap on the three-dots at the top right to toggle the Menu and then select Blocked
  • Tap Calls and then Block rules
  • Select Call Block rules and then select Block unknown numbers or Block strangers

For some models, you can do this by enabling the Do Not Disturb function

Go to Settings > Sound > Do Not Disturb > Priority only allows > Calls > From Contacts only OR  Settings > Sound & Vibration > Do Not Disturb > People > Block or allow calls. You can do this with iPhones also.

Third party apps

You can also block non-contact calls by using apps. There are lots of apps in the Google Play Store dedicated for this. They include Call Blocker and Call Blacklist

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