Best 6 website builders to use on your next project

Website builders can make it pretty easy for anyone even with little or no coding skills to create a website using pre-made templates with drag-and-drop editing, here are best website builders you may want to consider for your next project.

best website builders
Best Website builders

1. Wix

This is a popular drag-and-drop website creator that lets you allows a sited branded with Wix for free. You can customize your site for a price. Wix is used with over 2.3% of all websites.

Wix’s simple editor will allow you finish customizing your site in less time and also allow you more control over your site. It gives you more features and functionalities from the Wix app market were you can find over 260 apps. With Wix’s free plan, you are provided with subdomain but also your site will display ads from Wix

2. Squarespace

This is the most popular hosted content management system among all and over 2.7% websites use Squarespace if we are to relate with W3Techs.

Squarespace has fancy-looking templates for a number of niches. You can also build a website with Squarespace even if you don’t have those programming skills. Also you select a template and open a free account that won’t ask for your credit card details. You will be introduced to the Squarespace editor which you can use for just any project.

3. Strikingly

This was founded in 2013 and is much younger than the other website builders you will see on this list. Once you select your template, Strikingly will directly take you to its the editor which is also simple to use and intuitive. Strikingly fares well with smaller websites.

4. Weebly

This is a standard website builder that you can use to create both standard websites and eCommerce. At this time, Weebly runs over 0.6% of all the websites on the Internet.

Weebly gives you more features and functionalities with the Weebly app store. It also has a simple editor that gives you enough control over your website. You can get started with a free account.

5. Shopify

This is exclusively focused on eCommerce websites and not the multipurpose websites. Shopify powers over 3.3% of all websites on the web placing among the most popular website builders.

This is basically the best web builder for particularly eCommerce stores but works like the others also. Shopify will however take you more time to customize since it related to eCommerce and you will need to configure payment gateways and taxes.

6. SiteBuilder

This doesn’t offer a free account or free trial but it one of the most affordable on this list with promotional prices starting at just $5.20 per month, and regular prices at $10, $12 and $18.


If you can’t find a website builder you can work with, you can go with the one and only WordPress. WordPress is so popular that is powers over 30% websites.

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