5 ways to fix Text or MMS messages not downloading

Sometimes you will receive a message that requires you to first download it. This is called MMS, Multi Media Messaging Service. It is a functionality that allows you to send multimedia files like images alongside your text message.

5 ways to fix mms message not downloading
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Also a text message can also be converted into MMS if it exceeds a certain number of characters on certain phones and will also require the receiver to first download it. This will require the phone’s internet connection to be downloaded and can fail sometimes.

Here we go through 5 ways to fix that issue one after the other till you get one that triggers your MMS to download.

1. Inspect the internet connection of your phone.

 You might need to examine your internet settings or if you have a steady connection on Wi-Fi or mobile data. If all this is okay but still your MMS doesn’t download, go to the next method.

2. Toggle Auto-retrieve and deactivate it in the settings of your messenger app.

If you are using the default messenger app of your android device, go to the Settings under the section of Multimedia messages. If Auto-retrieve is ticked, click it to disable it. This will stop your MMS messages from downloading customarily by themselves and you will have to click download them manually. If this doesn’t work when you get a new MMS message, let’s go on.

3. Delete old messages.

Your MMS messages may also not be downloading because there is no space to accommodate them. By clearing old messages you create room for new MMS messages to download. You do this by going into the Settings of your default message app. Under storage you toggle Delete old messages. Restart your phone and try downloading your MMS messages.

4. Clear the data and cache of the messenger app.

You go to the Settings of your phone. Then Apps, look for Messenger and select storage, then select Clear Data and Clear Cache.

5. Look for suspicious apps.

Your MMS messages may fail to download if you installed an app that blocks or interferes the functionality of MMS on your phone.

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