4 steps to fix the red screen alert on Google Chrome

Probably you have seen that red screen alert in your Google Chrome browser and don’t know what it is all about. Let’s clear it now.

how to fix Google chrome red critical alert
Google Chrome red critical alert

You should first be aware that the Google Chrome red screen is at aimed at making you grant access into your computer by hackers or just warning you. And so it would be wise not to follow anything it instructs you.

How to get rid of the Google Chrome red screen alert

1. Remove extensions or plugins and URLs you are not sure of

You might have installed an extension to widen the functionality of your browser but this extension might be suspicious or visited some URLs that are also suspicious. You can clear the critical red screen by deleting these from your Chrome.

To uninstall extensions, open Google Chrome > More tools > Extensions. There you can remove any extension that seems to be the cause of spamming you. To clear URLs go to the Menu icon and then Settings. Select Manage search engines and you will be presented with URLs you have visited. Delete any of them that seems suspicious. Restart your Chrome

2. Reset the settings of the browser

Launch Google Chrome and click the Menu icon. Then Settings > Advanced > Restore settings to their original default. Confirm by clicking the reset settings button.

3. Scan your computer for viruses

Do a deep scan into all your files and folders for any malware

4. Also remove any computer program that is suspicious

You might have downloaded and installed programs from websites that you weren’t sure of. This also could have led to that red screen alert. To uninstall these programs, go to Control Panel > Programs > Add and Remove Programs > Uninstall a program. Then remove any program that may be the culprit.

You can do these steps both on Windows and Mac

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